Monday, June 22, 2009

The Motherland Influence track list June 21, 2009


Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Soothsayers (UK)
from the CD "Tangled Roots"
Red Earth

3)Ba Cissoko (Guine)
from the CD "Sabolan"

4)22 Novembre Band (Guine)
from the CD "Authenticite: The Syliphone Years"
Stern's Africa

5)Royal Band (Senegal)
"Am Am"
from the CD "Meanwhile In Thies..."
Dakar Sound

6)Daba Groupe (Cameroon)
"Greetings Father"
from the LP "Long Way / Meuna-Meu"
Safari Sound

7)Oshodi Combos Band (Nigeria)
"Father Is Dearest"
from the LP "Oshodi Combos Band Led By Monday Iyokho Oshodi"

8)L'Orchestre Micky Micky (DRCongo/Nigeria)
"Papa Ya Bana"
from the LP
"Mavos-Meme-Movungu et Marie Bebe Avec L'Orchestre Micky Micky"
Sacodis International Records

9)Charles King (Colombia)
"La Verdad De Papa"
from the CD "Champeta Criolla Vol.2"
Palenque Records

10)Vieux Farka Toure (Mali)
from the CD "Fondo"
Six Degrees

11)Antoine Dougbe (Benin)
"Kovito Gbe De Towe"
from the CD "Legends Of Benin"
Analog Africa

12)T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou (Benin)
from the CD "T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou"
Popular African Music

13)Baaba Maal & Mansour Seck (Senegal)
from the CD "Djam Leelii"
Rogue Records

14)Badenya (Mali, Guinea, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau)
from the CD "Manden Jaliya In New York City"
Smithsonion Folkways

15)Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)
"Ami Kita Bay"
from the CD "Made In Dakar"
Worls Circuit/Nonesuch

16)Pupy Y Los Que Son Son (Cuba)
"Ay Papa!"
from the CD "Que Cosas Tiene La Vida"
Pimienta Records

17)Juaneco Y Su Combo (Peru)
"Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo"
from the CD "Juaneco Y Su Combo"
Barbes Records

18)Tchico Tchicaya (Congo)
"Mon Enfant"
from the LP "Feu Rouge"
Bellot Records/Maikano

19)Madera Limpia (Cuba)
"Tu Papa"
from the CD "La Corona"
Out/Here Records

The Motherland Influence track list June 14, 2009

1)Mose "Fan Fan" (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" this program's theme song
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2) Charlotte Mbango (Cameroon)
"O Nyola Nje"
from the LP "Konkai Makossa"
Toure Jim's Records

3)Pierre-Marie Ondo Mebale (Gabon)
"Atar Ye Ido Wa So Bo"
from the LP "Donguila"
Production Abenelang

4)T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo (Benin)
"Zo Tche Kpo Dote"
from the LP "Melome Clement & Le Tout Puissant Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou"
Ets. Satel

5)Ernesto Djedje (Cote D'Ivoire)
from the LP "Tizere"
Sacodis International

6)Lord Flea & His Calypsonians (Jamaica)
"Shake shake Sonora"
from the LP "Swinging Calypsos"

7)King Short Shirt (Antigua and Barbuda)
"Nobody Go Rest"
from the CD "Don't Stop The Music"

8)Calypso Rose (Trinidad)
"Ju Ju Warrior"
from the CD "Soca Diva"

9)Magnun Band (Haiti)
"Magnon Phenomenal"
from the CD "Oulala"

10)Tabou Combo (Haiti)
"Jojo Man Carnaval"
from the CD "Smash Hits"

11)Joaquin Diaz (Dominican Rep.)
"Merengua Alegre"
from the CD "Merengua Alegre"

12)Daouda (Cote D'Ivoire)
"Soungourou Ba"
from the LP "La Femme De Mon Patron"
DEG Music

13)Pauolo Flores (Angola)
"Amores de Hoje"
from the CD "Brincadeira Tem Hora..."

14)Se Bem (Angola)
from the CD "Ta...Sebem"

15)Ary (Angola)
"Nao Pregunta Muito (sa Nao tens)"
from the CD "Sem Substituicoes"

16)Elsa Fylla (DRCongo)
"Je Pars Sans Remords"
from the CD "Terre Sacree Act 2"
Lumieres D'Afrique

17)Monique Seka (Cote D'Ivoire)
from the CD "Adeba"

18)Explainer (Trinidad)
from the Very Best Of Explainer"

19)Krosfyah (Barbados)
"Soca Trian"

20)Swallow (Trinidad)
"Subway Jam"
from the CD "Golden Hits Of Soca Calypso"

21)Harold Digby McNair (Jamaica)
"Back To Back"
from the LP "Legends Of Calypso"

22)Jocelyne Beroard (Haiti)
from the CD "Siwo"

23)Dixie Band (Haiti)
from the CD "Les Succes De Dixie Band"

The Other Black Music track list. June 14th, 2009

1)The Lymann Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the LP "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)James 'Blood' Ulmer"
"Black Rock"
from the LP "Black Rock"

3)Grace Jones
"This Is"
from the CD "Hurricane"

4)Eric Donaldson
"Cherry Oh Baby"

5)Abiodun Oyewole
"Sample This"
from the CD "25 Years"

6)Mr. President
"Meet Again"
from the single

7)Recloose ft. Joe Dukie
"Deeper Waters"
from the CD "Deeper Waters"

8)Timeless Legend
"I Was Born To Love You"
from the CD "Timeless Legend"

9)Speech Debelle
"The Key"
from the Single

from the CD "The Third Power"

11)Billy Cobham
"The Funky Thide Of Sings"
from the LP "The Funky Thide Of Sings"

from the CD "New York Noise"

13)Mighty Walker Brothers
"God Been Good To Me"
from the CD "Good God: A Gospel Funk Hymnal"
The Numero Group

14)Rev. Pearly Brown
"Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning"
from the CD "You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion"

"Zion I"
from the LP "A New Chapter Of Dub"

16)Choc Quib town
"Somos Pacificos"
from the CD "Pacifico Colombiano"

17)Oh Well
"Oh Well"
from the Single

"Sana Mama"
from ?

"I Can't Love Another"
from the CD "Dread In A Babylon"

"Baby Dee"
from the CD "The Sound Of Konk"

21)Gnoonas Pedro & His Dadjes Band"
"Dadje Von O Von Non"
from the CD "Legends Of Benin"
Analog Africa

22)Les Krakman
"Krakman Twist"
from the CD "African Sixties Garage Vol. 1"

23)Peoples Choice
"I Like To Do"
from the CD "Mood Mosaic Vol. 9"

24)Howard Tate
"Look At Granny Run"
from the CD "Get It While You Can"

from the CD "Cold Heat"

26)Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers
"Threat To Creation"
from the CD "Threat to Creation"

27)Pete Rodriguez
"I Like It Like That"
from the LP "I Like It Like That"