Sunday, July 26, 2009

Track list for The Other Black Music July 26, 2009

1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the LP "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

"Something In Mind"
from the CD "Feeling Funky"

3)Black Sugar
from the CD "Black Sugar II"

4)King Ayisoba
"Modern Ghanaians"
from the CD "Black Stars:Ghana's Hiplife Generation"

5)Charlie Palmares
"Vives Boogaloo"
from the CD "Bugalu Tropical"

6)Grupo Fantasma
"Bacalo Com Pan"
from the CD "Sonidos Gold"

7)Obo Addy & Kukrudu
from the CD "Africa On The Move"

8)Tony Allen
from the CD "Afro Disco Beat"

9)Willie Colon
"Calle Luna Calle Sol"
from the CD "El Barrio"

10)Jojo Quo & His Challengers
"Brick By Brick"
from the CD "African Music Today"

11)Real Sounds Of Africa
"Soccer Fan"
from the CD "Get Real/Seven Miles High"

12)Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka
from the CD "African Disco"

13)Bronx River Parkway
"Agua Con Sal"
from the CD "San Sebastian 152"

14)Trio Mocoto
from the CD "Beleza! Beleza! Beleza!"

15)Elza Soares
"Rio De Janeiro"
from the CD 'Tratore Basics 5"

16)Grupo Fantasma
"Arroz Con Frijoles"
from the CD "Sonidos Gold"

17)Najite Olokun Prophecy
from the CD "Africa before Invasion"

18)Ashanti Afrika Jah
from the CD "Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump"

19)Geraldo Pino
"Let Them Talk"
from the CD "Heavy Heavy Heavy"

20)Ocote Soul Sounds
"La Reja"
from the CD "We Love Afrobeat!"

21)Ochestre Tembo
"Yebo Edi Pachanga"
from the CD "Rahcuba"

22)Fela & africa 70
from the CD "Zombie"

The Other Black Music July 26, 2009 3-5pm EST

Today's show will feature Latin Funk/Boogaloo and Afro Beat/Funk.

I have a pair of tickets to give away for the Grupo Fantasma show at the Plaza Bowl Wed. July 29th.

Listen on the air at WRIR-LP 97,3 FM or online at
Studio phone number is 804-649-9737

Track list for The Motherland Influence July 19, 2009


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Comgo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Willie Colon (USA)
"El Brujo"
from the CD "El Malo Vol. 2"
El Malo

3)Belo (Haiti)
"Pari Nan Male'm"
from the CD "Reference"

4)Akiyo (Guadeloupe)
from the CD "Ki Yo Vie Ki Yo Ve Pa Akiyo La"
Aztec Musique

5)Jursino Cayetano (Guatemala)
from the CD "Paranda"

6)N.Y. All Stars (USA)
"Ti Bato"
from the CD "Haitian Grooves"
Creon Music

7)Grupo Gale (Colombia)
"20 De Julio"
from the CD "20 De Julio"

8)El Brujo Y Su Timba (Colombia)
"Tierra De Promision"
from the CD "Musica Del Viejo Choco"
Guana Records

9)Los Ahijados (Dominican Republic)
"El Jueguito"
from the CD "30 Grandes Exitos"

10)Djeimady Tounkara (Mali)
from the CD "Solon Kono"

11)Rail Band (Mali)
from the CD "Rail Band 3: Dioba"
Stern's Africa

12)Angele Revignet (Gabon)
from the LP "L'A.N.P.A.C. Presente Vol.3"

13)Choc Quib town (Colombia)
"Pescao Evenenao"
from the CD "Somos Pacifico"

14)Super Uba (Dominican Rep.)
"La Yuca"
from the CD "Tierra Lejana"
Laso Records

15)Los de Abajo (Mexico)
"El Loco"
from the CD "Cybertrapic Chilango Power"
Luaka Bop

16)Various Artist (Puerto Rico)
from the CD "Roberto Clemente: Un Tributo Musical"

17)Soft (French West Indies)
"Enme Mwen Toujou"
from the CD "Partout Etranger"
Aztec Musique

18)Creeper (Grenada)
from the CD "Made In Grenada"
Kisskidee Records

19)Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (DRCongo/USA)
"Mambo Yo Yo"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

20)Africando (Senegal/various)
from the CD "Ketukuba"
Stern's Africa

21)Camayenne Sofa (Senegal)
from the CD "La Percee"
Syllart Productions

22)Syran M'Benza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo (DRCongo)
"Liyanzi Ekoti Nga Na Motema"
from the CD "Immortal Franco: Africa's Unrivalled Guitar Legend"
World Music Network

23)Two Stars & Kasongo Band (Zimbabwe)
"Kosa Yanini"
from the LP "Kudzidza Hakuperi"
ZMC Production

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nice Plug.

Time for a block party!

DJ Graybeard and Michael Miracle from WRIR's "The Lotus Land Show will DJ a block party on the 3200 block of Woodrow Ave in North side Richmond, VA. My old neighborhood off of North Ave. near Chandler Middle School. 3-8pm July 18, 2009.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Track list for The Other Black Music July 12, 2009


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the CD "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)The Dynamics
"The Creator Has A Master Plan"
from the CD "Versions Excursion"
Groove Attack

3)Kaleta-Zozo Afrobeat
"Country Of Guns"
from the CD "Country Of Guns"

4)Mixmaster Mike, Lateef & The Gift Of Gab"
"Kalakuta Show"
from the CD "Red Hot + Riot"

5)Buddy Guy
"Now You've Gone"
from the CD "Bring 'Em In"

6)Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers
"Boogie Woogie All Night Long"
from the CD "Gonna Take You Downtown"

7)Joy Jones
"This Too"
from the CD "Godchild"

"Pink Drunken Elephant"
from the CD "Kokoo Girl"

9)Corey Harris feat. Olu Dara
"Mami Wata"
from the CD "Daily Bread"

10)Dyke & The Blazers
"We Got More Soul"
from the CD "Turn On Your Lamplight Vol. 3"

11)Mongo Santamaria
"We Got Latin Soul"
from the CD "Mongo Santamaria's Greatest Hits"

12)Soul focus vs EPMD
"I'm Housin"

"We Don't Want Them"

"Super Stupid"
from the CD "Maggot Brain"

"Rock-N-Roll Victim"
from the CD "For The Whole World To See"
Drag City Records

16)The Campbell
"Don't Let The devil Ride"
from the CD "2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix"

17)The Dynamics
"Downtown Barkings"
from the Single "Downtown Barkings"

18)Jah Mason
"Too Hot For Them"
from the CD "No Matter The Time"

19)The Isley Brothers
"Live It Up"
from the CD "Greatest Hits Vol. 1"

20)Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band
"Bukom Mashie"
from the CD "Ghana soundz"

21)Ginger Johnson And His African Messengers
"Talking Drums"
from the CD "African Party"

22)Adewale Ayuba And His Fuji Organization
"Move Around The Clock"
from the CD "Fuji Time"

23)Sly & The Family Stone
"In Time"
from the CD 'The Essential Sly & The Family Stone"

"Heiss Und Laut"
from the CD "Heiss Und Laut"

25)Shuggie Otis
"Strawberry Letter 23"
from the CD "Freedom Flight"

Track list for The Motherland Influence July 12, 2009


1)Mose "Fan Fan" (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" this program's theme song
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Conjunto Africa Negra (Sao Tome)
"12 De Julho"
from the CD "Aninha"
Casa Di Rotulo

3)Black Santiago (Benin)
"Dokofi We Gbede"
from the LP "Honore Avolonto Et L'Orchestre Black Santiago"

4)Staff Benda Bilili (DRCongo)
from the CD "Tres Fort Fort"
Crammed Discs

5)Trio Los Neutrales (Dominican Republic)
"Que Humanidad"
from the LP "Ellos Cantan Asi, Tu No Hace De Na' Compay"

6)Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (DRCongo/USA)
"Mambo Yo Yo"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

7)Los Zafiros (Cuba)
"Bossa Cubana"
from the CD "Bossa Zafiros"
World Curcuit

8)Calle Real (Colombia)
"Somos Famila"
from the CD "Me La Gane"
Termidor Music

9)Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou (Benin)
"Akoue Tche We Gni Medjome"
from the CD "The Voodoun Effect"
Analog Africa

10)Ba Cissoko (Guinea/France)
"Africa Dance"
from the CD "Seno"
Stern's Africa

11)Oumou Sangare (Mali)
"Iyo Djeli"
from the CD "Seya"
World Curcuit

12)Mory Kante (Guinea)
"Le Griot"
from the CD "Tamala"
Les Disques Caractere

13)Lea Lignanzi (Central African Republic)
"Passi Na Panzi"
from the LP "Dede Priscilla"

14)Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Super Volcano (Tanzania)
"Masika Zole Zole"
from the CD "Ukumbusho Volume 6"

15)Musa Juma & Limpopo International Band (Kenya)
from the CD "Fiance Vol 2"
Limpopo International

16)Franco & O.K. Jazz (DRCongo)
"Kenge Okeyi Eklaka Te"
from the CD "Franco Et L'O.K. Jazz 1957 1958 1959"

17)Fela Kuti (Nigeria)
"Kalakuta Show"
from the CD "Ikoyi Blindness/Kalakuta Show"

18)Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 (Nigeria)
"Think Africa"
fropm the CD "Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80"

19)Segun Damisa & Afrobeat Crusaders (Nigeria)
from the CD "Nigeria Dey Cry"

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Motherland Influence track list July 5, 2009


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello" (Show theme song)
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Bio Ritmo (USA)
"Dime Vida"
from the CD "Bionico"

3)Ricardo Lemvo (D.R. Congo/USA)
"Yiri Yiri Bon"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

4)Willie Colon (USA)
"Che Che Cole"
from the CD "Cosa Nuestra"

5)Samba Mapangala & Virunga (D.R. Congo/USA)
from the CD "Live On Tour"

6)Extra Golden (Kenya/USA)
"Fantasies Of The Orient"
from the CD "Thank You Very Quickly"
Thrill Jockey

7)Bana Kadori (Kenya)
"Ben Otieno Mumbe"
from the CD "Rossie"
Equator Heritage Sounds

8)Les Mangelepa (Kenya)
from the CD "Golden Voices"
Sound Africa

9)Oliver De Coque & His Expo 76 Ogene Sound Super Of Africa (Nigeria)
"Olumo Records Special"
from the LP "Mark 2"
Olumo Records

10)Moh Alileche (Algeria/USA)
from the CD "In Memory Of A Hero"
City Hall Records

11)Aster Aweke (Ethiopia/USA)
from the CD "Aster's Ballads"

12)Afrodizz (USA)
"Water And Fish"
from the CD "Froots"

13)Afrissippi (Mali/USA)
"Debbo Ndoogu"
from the CD "Alliance"
Hillcountry Records

14)Baba Salah (Mali)
from the CD "Akwaaba Wo Africa"
Akwaaba Music

15)Oumou Sangare (Mali)
from the CD "Seya"
World Circuit/Nonesuch

16)Idrissa Soumano (Mali)
from the CD "African Pearls: Mali 70 Electric Mali"
Syllart Productions

17)Super Biton De Segou (Mali)
"Yere Jabo"
from the LP "Super Biton"
Syllart Production

18)Dimba Dya Ngola (Angola)
"Sucu Yangue"
from the LP "Luanda Cidade Linda"
IEFE Discos

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Motherland Influence July 5, 2009

We'll start the show with artist based in the USA for our Independence weekend.

Here are websites for some of today's artist.

The Motherland Influence track list June 28, 2009


1)Mose "Fan Fan" (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" (this program's theme song)
from the CD "Hello heloo"
Stern's Africa

2)Carlos Lamartine (Angola)
"N'Vunda Ku Muceque"
from the CD "Memorias"

3)Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (DRCongo/USA)
"N'Vunda Ku Muceque"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

4)Waldemar Bastos (Angola)
"Pitanga Madurinha"
from the CD "Re Nascence"
Times Square records

5)Wazimbo (Mozambique)
"Unga Ni Gaduli"
from the CD "Makweru"
Gallo Record Company

6)Ye-Ye (Cape Verde/Angola)
from the CD "Vassoura de ouro"

7)Los Super Reyes (Mexico)
"Quedate Mas"
from the CD El Regresso De Los Reyes"
Warner Music

8)Orquestra Monumetal
"Yo Si Que Estoy A Le Moda"
from the CD "Cuban Funk Experence"

9)Los Silvertones (Panama)
"Tamborito Swing"
from the CD "Panama!2"

10)Teta Lando
from the "Comfusoes 1: From Angola To Brasil"
Out Here

11)Oumou Sangare (Mali)
from the CD "Seya"
World Circuit

12)Amadou et Mariam(Mali)
from the CD "Tje Ni Mousso"
Circular Moves

Part B
13)Les Ambassadeurs De Motel De Bamako (Mali)
"Mbouran Mousso"
from the CD "African Pearls: Mali 70 Electric Mali"
Syllart Productions

14)Charles Atangana & Emitais (Cote D'Ivoire)
from the LP "Assalam Aleikoum Africa Volume One"

15)Migan Celestin (Benin)
"Wo Ko Made Angeline"
from the LP "Mig-Tino"
Ets. Papa Disco

16)Oriental Brothers International (Nigeria)
"Ihe Oma Adighi Onye Oso"
from the LP "Oriental Brothers International"

17)Fred Fisher Atalobhor (Nigeria)
"Say The Truth"
from the CD "African Carnival"
Vampi Soul

18)Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies (Nigeria)
"You've Got To Help Yourself"
from the CD "Nigeria: Disco Funk Special"

19)Mono Mono (Nigeria)
from the CD "Nigeria Rock Special"

20)Kanda Bongo Man (D.R. Congo)
from the CD "Djessy"