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Track list for The Other Black Music


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the LP "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)The Outlaw Gang
"Fast Funky Bump"
from the CD "Florida Funk"

3)Al Green
"You Say"
from the LP "Gets Next To You"

4)Southside Movement
"Mississippi Cutback"
from the LP "Movin'"

5)Ohio Players
from the LP "Pain"

6)The CB's (new)
from the CD single "Misdemeanour"
Jam City

7)Sista Fab & Sil Matadin (new)
from the CD "single"

8)Fort Knox Five / The Empresarios (new)
"Sabor Tropical"
from the CD "The New Gold Standard 2"
Fort Knox Recordings

9)Rockin' Dopsie
"Louisiana Two Step"
from the CD "In New Orleans"

10)Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers (new)
"Got My Mind Gone"
from the CD "Up In Flames"
Sound Of New Orleans

11)Sunnyland Slim
"Brown Skin Woman"
from the CD "The Walking Cycloon"
A.P. Zircoin

12)Julia Lee
"If It's Good"
from the CD "Hip Shakin' Mamas
A.P. Zircoin

13)Lee Dorsey
"Who's Gonna Help A Brother Further"
from the CD "New Orleans Funk"
Soul Jazz Records

14)Tyrone Ashley Funky Music Machine
"Gotta Clean Up The World Pt1"
from the CD "Let Me Be Your Man"

15)Lijadu Sisters
"Life's Gone Down Low"
from the LP "Danger"

16)Fat Freddy's Drop (new)
from the CD "Hope For A Generation"
The Drop

17)Sandra Cross (new)
"What About Me"
from the CD "Now"
Joe Frasier Records

18)Lutan Fyah (new)
"The Motherland Calling"
from the CD "The King's Son"
In The Streetz Records

19)Big Youth
"Screaming Target"
from the CD "Screaming Target"
Negusa Negast

from the CD "Presents Arms"

21)Dave Barker
"Funkey Funkey Reggay"
from the CD "Moon Walk Reggay"
Charly Records

22)Dave Barker & The Granadians (New)
from the single
Liquidator Records

23)Cannonball Adderley
"Snakin' The Grass"
from the CD "Inside Straight"

24)Mongo Santamaria
"Funk Up"
from the CD "Latin Basslines, Breakbeats and Boogaloo"

25)Nat Adderley
"K. High"
from the LP "Don't Look Back"

26)Swamp Dogg
"Total Destrution To Your Mind"
from the CD "Total Destrution To Your Mind"

27)Sly & The Family Stone
"Que Sera, Sera"
from the CD "Greatest Hits"

Track list for The Motherland Influence Dec. 13, 2009


1)Mose Fan Fan & Somo-Somo (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" this program's theme song
from the CD "Hello Hello
Stern's Africa

2)Toto Guillaume (Cameroon)
"Se To Mpesa Mongo"
from the CD "Golden Collection Vol. 2"
Tropical Rythms/TN Productions

3)The Twinkle Stars (Surinam)
"Bassie Tongo"
from the CD "Songs from Surinam 2"

4)Ry-Co Jazz (Congo) new!
"Blue Sugar"
from the CD "Bon Voyage!!"
RetroAfric/Stern's Africa

5)Gilzene & The Blue Light Mento Band (Jamaica) new!
"Hill & Gully"
from the CD "Sweet Sweet Jamaica"
Nueva Onda/World Village

6)Carlos Lamartine (Angola)
"Damba Maria"
from the CD "Memorias"

7)El Brujo Y Su Timba (Colombia)
from the CD "Musica Del Viejo Choco"
Guana Records

8)Joaquin Diaz (Dominican Rep.)
"Palo Bonito"
from the CD "Ola"
cinq plan├Ętes

9)Arrow (Barbados)
"Hot, Hot, Hot"
from the CD "The Best Of Arrow"
Red Bullet

10)Juan Formel & Los Van Van (Cuba)
"A Ver Que Sale"
from the CD "Calypsoul 70"

11)King Sunny Ade (Nigeria)
"Synchro System"
from the CD "The Shrine Afrobeat"

12)Afrozen Orchestra (France) new!
"Future Afrobeat"
from the CD "Future Afrobeat"

13)Ralph Weeks with The Telecasters (Panama) new!
from the CD "Panama! 3"
Sound Way

14)Western Diamonds (Ghana)
"Won Gyae"
from the CD "Diamonds Forever"
Westline Connection

15)Afrigo Band (Uganda)
"Ffena Tusobola"
from the CD "Obuganda Abwetisse"
ACP Records

16)John Monga with Les Mangelepa (Kenya) new!
from the CD "Vituko"
Sound Africa

17)Tshala Muana (DRCongo) new!
from the CD "Sikila feat. MEJE 30"
Wedoo Music

18)Jocelyne Beroard (Antilles)
from the CD "Milans"
Sony Music

19)Bio Ritmo (USA)
"Dima Vida"
from the CD "Bionico"

20)Bio Ritmo (USA)
"El Piraguero"
from the CD "Que Siga La Musica"

21)Bio Ritmo (USA)
from the CD "Bio Ritmo"
Bio Ritmo

22)Miramar (USA)
"Di Carazon"
from the CD "Miramar"

23)Os Magrelos (USA)
"One Note"
from the CD "Demo"

24)Unity Reggae Band (USA)
"Who We Are Dub"

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