Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Motherland Influence March 20, 2010


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"

2)Lapiro de Mbanga (Cameroon)
"Constitution Constipee"
from the CD "Free Lapiro"

3)Tcheka (Cape Verde)
"Nu Monda"
from the CD "Djan Kre Bejabu
Four Quarters Records

4)Bana (Cape Verde)
"Tchica, Tchica, Tchica"
from the CD "Exitos de Bana a voz de Cape Verde"
Son's d'Africa

5)Lisandro Mesa (Colombia)
"El Parajo Que Volo"
from the CD "Universidad de la Cumbia"
Cafe Records Inc.

5)The Chacachas (Cuba)
from the CD "Vintage Cuba No. 41 - EPs Collectors "Canalla"
Vintage Music

6)Ismael Wonder (Cote Divoire/France)
"Ambe Domi"
from the CD "S.O.S."

7)Les Espoirs de Coronthie (Guinea Conakry)
from the CD 'Tinkhinyi"
L,autre Distribution

8)Boolumbal (Mauritania/France)
"Nguru Gool"
from the CD "Fuuta Blues"

9)Lobi Traore & Barra Coura (Mali)
from the CD "Acoustic Banama Blues"
Kanaga System Krush

10)Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Creations (Ghana)
"Akoba Ba"
from the CD "Ghana Speacial"

11)Ayetoro (Nigeria/London)
"Revenge Of The Flying Monkeys"
from the CD "The Afrobeat Chronicles Vol. 1"

12)Nuru Kane (Senega/UKl)
"Number One Bus"
from the CD "Number One Bus"
Indie Europe/Zoom

13)Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila (Tanzania)
"Kipenda Roho"
from the CD "Africa: Never Stand Still"
Ellipsis Arts

14)Baaba Maal (Senegal)
from the CD "Africa: Never Stand Still"
Ellipsis Arts

15)King Sunny Ada (Nigeria)
"Congratulations (Happy Birthday)"
from the CD "Seven Degrees North"

16)Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (Sierra Leone)
"Living Stone"
from the CD "Rise & Shine"

17)The Abyssinians (Jamaica)
"Declaration Of Rights"
from the CD "Satta Massagana"

18)The Ethiopian (Jamaica)
"Band Yu Belly"
from the CD "The Mighty 2: Job Gibbs & Errol Thompson"
Rounder records

19)Cocoa Tea (Jamaica)
"Rocking Dolly"

20)Youth Waves (Trinidad)
"Who's The Leader?"
from the CD "100% Jump Up"

21)Scientist (Jamaica)
"World Cup"
from the CD "Dub Mix Convention"

22)Malage De Lugendo (D.R. Congo)
"Baiser De Judas"
from the LP "Malage De Lugendo"

The Other Black Music March 20, 2010


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the LP "Creative Musician"
Perfect Toy

"Get Down"
from the CD "All Day Music"

3)Hortense Ellis
"Women Of The Ghetto"
from the CD "Reggae Anthology: Randy's 50th Anniversary"

4)Amp Fiddler
from the CD single

5)Bunji Garlin & Faye Ann Lyons
"No Gangsters"
from the CD single
Supersonic Sound

6)JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
"Get It Together"
from the single
The Rabbit Factory

7)Joe Bataan
"My Cloud"
from the CD "Singing Some Soul"

8)The Pilgrim Travelers
"Good News"
from the CD "The History Of Black Gospel Vol. 4"
Smith & Co.

9)Allen Hoist
"The Closer I Get To You"
from the CD "Soul Renaissance"

"I Am"
from the single
African Beat Records

11)Georgia Anne Muldrow
from the CD "Umsindo"
E1 Music Canada

12)Maceo Parker
"Hallelujah I Love Her So"
from the Cd Roots & Grooves"

13)Selah Collins
"Pick A Sound"
from the CD " Watch How The People Dancing"

14)Cyril Neville
"Tell Me What's On Your Mind"
from the CD "New Orleans Funk"

15)Earl King
"Street Parade (Part 1)"
from the CD "New Orleans Funk 2"

16)Eddie Hazel
"California Dresming"
from the CD "Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs"

17)Fort Knox Five
"Funk 4 Peace"
from the CD "Radio Free DC Remixed Vol 1"

18)Bokoor Band
"Maya Gari"
from the CD "Bokoor Beats"

"Filibuster X"
from the CD "Security"

20)Dr. Israel
from the CD "Patterns Of War"

21)Creative Source
"I'm Gonna Get There"
from the LP "Migration"

22)Plunky & Oneness Of Juju
"Follow Me"
from the CD "Live In Paris"

23)Pee Wee Ellis
"Do That Thing"
from the CD "Soul Masters"

24)Fat Freddy's Drop
from the CD "Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW"
The Drop

25)Bobby Williams
"Funky Super Fly"
from the CD "The Best Of Bobby Williams"

26)Godwin Omabuwa & His Casanova Dandies
"Do The Afro Shuffle"
from the CD "Nigeria Afrobeat Special"

The Motherlad Influence March 14, 2010


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Fruko y su Tesos (Colombia)
"Serenata Latina"
from the LP "El Mejor"
Disco Fuente

3)Waganda Kenya (Colombia)
"Pim Pom"
from the 45 single

4)Orchestre Sega Sega (Kenya)
"Dala Ber Moloyo N 11"
from the LP "Kenya Pawtout Vol. 6"

5)K. Bentum Band (Ghana)
"Tow Nkotow"
from the LP "Abusa Nyama"

6)Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats (Sierra Leone) (New)
"Heavy Heavy Heavy"
from the CD "Afro-Rock Volume One"

7)Mamadou Doumbia & L'Orchestre Conseil De L'Entente (Cote D'Ivoire)
from the LP "Mamadou Doumbia"
Eboni Records

8)St. Christophe D'Atchobia (Cameroon)
"Chaud De Fond"
from the CD "Effervescence"
JMN Nana Production

9)Trafassi (Surinam)
"Pum Pum"
from the CD "Songs From Surinam 4"

10)Chico Ramos (Belize)
"Sound City Twisters"
from the CD "Garifuna Celebration"
P.O.W. Records

11)Banda Maravilha (Angola)
from the CD "Zungueira"
Ruben Producoes

12)Razia (Madagascar)
from the CD "Zebu Nation"

13)Bonga (Angola) (New)
"Mulemba Xangola"
from the CD "Best Of Bonga"

14)Bio Ritmo (New)
"La Verdad"
from the CD "Forthcoming (to be named) 2010 album"
Bio Ritmo

15)Fellow Valdes Francisco (Cuba) (New)
"Mango Mangue"
from the CD "El Gran Fellove: Mango Mangue"
Vampi Soul

16)Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba (Mali) (New)
"Jamana Be Diya"
from the CD "I Speak Fula"

17)Angelique Kidjo (Benin) (New)
"Move On Up"
from the CD "Oyo"
Razor & Tie

18)Abonesh "Abiti" Adinew (Ethiopia)
from the CD "Zarem Endamna"

19)Abdel Gadir Salim (Sudan)
"Jamil Al-Sourah / Le Beau Visage"
from the CD "Les Blues De Khartoum"
Harmonia Mundi

20)Kheira (Algeria)
from the CD "Total Rai"

21)Camayenne Sofa (Senegal)
from the CD "La Percee"
Syllart Productions

22)Ultimate Dr. Sir Warrior & his Oriental Brothers (Nigeria)
"Uwa Chia Chia"
from the cassette "Ofe Owerri"
Super International Music Agency

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Other Black Music March 7, 2010


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the LP "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)Charanga 76 (New)
"Music Trance"
from the CD "The Blank Generation - Blank Tapes NYC 1971-!985"

3)Godwin Omabuwa & His Casanova Dandies (new)
"Do The Afro Shuffle"
from the CD "Nigeria Afrobeat Special"
Soundway Record

4)Barry Brown (New)
"Step It Up"
from the CD "Barry Brown Showcase"

5)Mabel Scott
"Mr. Fine"
from the CD "Just Give Me A Man: Vintage Blues Sides"
Tuff City

6)The Legendary JC's (New)
from the CD "The Church Of What's Happenin' Now"
Raw Shack Productions

7)Alice Coltrane
"Ghana Nila"
from the CD "Transcendence"

8)Idan K & The Movement Of Rhythm feat Wunmi (New)
"Change Got To Come"
from the CD "Change Got To Come EP"
Bagpak Music Solo Series

9)Future Warriors (New)
from the CD "Far Out Jazz & Afro Funk"
Far Our Records

10)DJ Williams (New)
"Cabin Fever"
from the CD "Eleven"

11)Roxanne Shante
"Go On Girl"
from the LP single
Warner Bros.

12)Kings Go Forth (New)
"Don't Take My Shadow"
from the CD "Don't Take My Shadow Extended"
Luaka Bop

13)Le Professeur Inlassable
from the CD "single"

from the CD "Afro Rock Vol. 1"

15)The RH Factor
"Rich Man's Welfare"
from the LP "Strength EP"

16)Willie Egan
"Wow Wow"
from the CD "Rockin' The Blues"
Essential Media Group

17)Sao Benitez (New)
"Danca Loca"
from the CD "single
Mr Bongo

18Necessary Noize
"Bless My Room"
from the CD "African Rebel Music"
Out Here Records

19)George Smallwood (New)
"Funk By The Pound"
from the CD "Just 4 You"

20)The Meters
"Just Kissed My Baby"
from the CD "New Orleans Funk"
Soul Jazz Records

21)Ray J
"Right Place, Wrong Time"
from the CD "New Orleans Funk 2"

22)Jared Jones And Lust Not Love
from the CD "Jared Jones And Lust Not Love"
Jared Jones

23)The DJ Williams Projekt
"Remember Me"
from the CD "Eleven"

The Motherland Influence March 7, 2010


1)Mose Fan Fan & Orchestre Somo-Somo (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" our theme song
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Tony Sarfo & his Afrosibi Gang (Ghana)
from the LP "Little Angel"
PMA Records

3)Jewel Ackah (Ghana)
"Eko Aware A Bisa"
from the LP "Electric Hi-Life"
Highlife World / Asona Records

4)Sweet Talks (Ghana)
from the CD "Hollywood Highlife Party"
Popular African Music

5)Professional Uhuru Dance Band (Ghana)
"Eyaa Duom"
from the CD "Freedom Tour In U.K."
Tropic Vibe Productions

6)Koo Nimo (Ghana)
from the CD "Vintage Palmwine"
Otrbanda Records

7)E.T. Mensah (Ghana)
"Ghana Freedom"
from the CD "Day By Day"

8)Yaaba Funk (Ghana/UK) (new)
"American Warewolf In London"
from the CD "Nyash!...'e Go Bite You EP"

9)Afroganic (Ghana)
"Ghana Sweet"
from the CD

10)King Ayisoba (Ghana)
"Modern Ghanaians"
from the CD "Modern Ghanaians
Zongo Junction

11)Ebo Taylor (Ghana)
from the CD "Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk And Fusion In 70's Ghana"

12)Tinny (Ghana)
from the CD "Zingolo"
Glass & A Half Full Records

13)Collins Marfo (Ghana)
"Adwoa Bene"
from the CD "Various Artists - Volume II"
System 77 Productions

14)Gyedu Blay Ambolley (Ghana)
"Cut Your Coat"
from the CD "The Sekondi Man"
Simigwa Records

15)Western Diamonds (Ghana)
"Domfo Kumfo"
from the CD "Agor Highlife Splash"
Westline Productions

16)Alex Konadu (Ghana)
"Good One There"
from the CD "Alex Konadu's Int. Band Of Ghana"
Grace Oteng-Mensah production

17)Spike Anyankor's Rhythm Aces (Ghana)
"Ao! Adofo"
from the CD "Telephone Lobi"
Original Music

18)Batman (Ghana)
from the CD "Samini"

19)Vis-a-Vis (Ghana)
"Odo Fever"
from the LP "Odo Gu Ahoroo"

20)Christiania Love (Ghana)
"Se Wato Baha"
from the CD Yesom Nyame Oteasee"
Big Ben Music

21)Osibisa (Ghana)
"Dance The Body Music"
from the CD "The Very Best Of Osibisa"
Golden Stool

22)Kwabena Kwabena (Ghana)
"Sweet Baby"
from the CD "Kwabena Kwabena"
Zongo Junction

23)Ofori Amponsah (Ghana)
"Odo Wine"
from the CD "OtooLege"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Podcast & Track List for The Motherland Influence: Sunday February 28, 2010


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"

2)The Latin Brothers (Colombia)
"El Son del Caballo"
from the LP "Suavecito, Apretaito"
Discos Fuentes

3)Michi Sarmiento (Colombia)
"Se Apago"
from the LP "Salsa Con Munte"
Discos Fuentes

4)Bio Ritmo (USA)
from the CD "2010 Album Preview"

5)Spanish Harlem Orchestra (USA)
"Se formo La Rumba"
from the CD "Unidos Con Swing"
Six Degrees

6)Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou (Benin)
"Noude De Ma Gnin Tche De Me"
from the CD "Echos Hypnotiques"
Analog Africa

7)Black Santiago (Benin)
"Wo Kpo Made"
from the LP "Avohou Pierre Et L'Orchestre Black Santiago"

8)Super Negro Bantous (Cameroon/Nigeria)
"Marriage Promise"
from the LP "Super Negro Bantous"
Rogers All Stars

9)Kabaka International Guitar Band (Nigeria)
"Ichere Chi Amaghi Onye Iwu"
from the LP "Mangala Special"

10)Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis (Guinea)
"Guajira Con Tumbao"
from the CD "Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis: The Syliphone Years"
Stern's Music

11)Chocquibtown (Colombia)
"El Bombo (Toquemen EL Bombo)"
from the CD "Oro"
Nacional Records

12)Rachid Taha (Algeria/France)
"Lli Fat Mat"
from the CD "Tekitoi"

13)Terakaft (Mali)
"Legh Assistane Dagh Timtar"
from the CD "Akh Issudar"
World Village

14)Ali Farka Toure & Toumani (Mali)
"Sabu Yerkoy"
from the CD "Ali and Toumani"
World Curcuit

15)Tinariwen (Mali)
from the CD "Imidiwan"
World Village

16)Teshome Wolde (Ethiopia)
from the CD "The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :Dance"

17)Mahmmoud Ahmed (Ethiopia)
"Anchi Bale Gamme"
from the CD "The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :Chic-Chic-Ka"

18)Bezunesh Bekele (Ethiopia)
"Feker Kesekesegn"
from the CD "The Greatest Hits Of Bezunesh Bekele"
Nahom Records

19)Abonesh "Abiti" Adinew (Ethiopia)
"Care Yehun"
from the CD "Zarem Endama"

20)Razia (Madagascar)
from the CD "Zebu Nation"

21)Kapa Dech (Mozambique)
from the CD "Katchume"

22)Amayenge (Zambia)
from the CD "Mangoma Kulila"
Mondo Music

23)Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Morogoro Jazz Band (Tanzania)
from the CD "Masimango"
Dizim Records

Podcast & Track List for The Motherland Influence Feb. 21, 2010


1)Mose "Fan Fan" and Orchestre Somo-Somo (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" this program's theme song
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited (Zimbabwe)
from the CD "Chimurenga: African Spirit Music"

3)Jonah Sithole (Zimbabwe)
"Kana Ndaguta"
from the CD "Sabhuku"

4)Patience Mudeka (Zimbabwe)
from the CD "Tafadzwa"

4)Tendai Manatsa (Zimbabwe) NEW
from the CD "Zimbabwe Today: New Music From Zimbabwe"
Wide World Artists

5)Issa Juma (Kenya) NEW
"Si Mimi (It's Not Me)
from the CD "World Defeats The Grandfathers - Swinging Swahili Rumba"

6)Liu Du Kamer (China?) NEW
from the CD "Un Chinois African"
Afrik Art

7)Ballou Canta,Luciana (D.R. Congo)
from the CD "Rumba Lolango"

8)Surchoc (Cameroon)
"Le Bal Des SurChoc"
from the CD "Les Elephants du Zouglou"
Aztec Musique

9)African Melody (Zimbabwe)
"John Waenda"
from the LP "Take Cover!"

10)Flavian Nyathi & Blues Revolution (Zimbabwe)
from the LP "Ropa Re Zimbabwe"
Gallo Records

11)Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba Band (Tanzania)
"Ndiyo Hali Ya Dunia"
from the CD "Ngoma Iko Huku"
Dizim Records

12)Onyina (Ghana)
"Yaa Musuo"
from the CD "I've Found My Love"
Original Music

13)Basil Gabbidon (Jamaica)
from the CD "The Rough Guide To Ska"
World Music Network

14)El Gran Fellove (Cuba) NEW
"El Yoyo"
from the CD "Mango Mangue"
Vampi Soul

15)Adikwa Depala (DRCongo) NEW
"Matete Paris"
from the CD "The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55"
Honest Jons Records

16)Duo Ouro Negro (Angola)
from the CD "Angola 60's"
Buda Musique

17)Ignace De Souza & Black Santiagos (Benin)
from the CD "Ignace de Souza"
Original Music

18)Perez Prado (Cuba)
"Mambo Del Futbol"
from the CD "Flamingo"

19)Alpha Yaya Diallo (Guinea) NEW
from the CD "Imme"
Jerico Beach Music

20)Wushinfir Argaw (Ethiopia)
from the CD "Shegiye"

21)Group Irerane (Niger)
"Kuni Majagani"
from the CD "Guitars From Agadez"
Sublime Frequencies"

22)Alfred Tchoumbeun (Cameroon)
"Tamba Zazou"
from the LP "Molo-Molo"

Podcast & Track List for The Other Black Music Feb. 21, 2010


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians"
from the CD "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)3 Titans
from the single "College"

3)Jr. & His Soulettes
"Mama Love Tequilla"
from the LP "Psychedelic Sounds"

4)Mambo Sauce
from the CD "The Recipe"

"Running Out Of Fools"
from the CD "LaBelle"

6)The Heavy
"How You Like Me Now"
from the CD "The House That Dirt Built"

7)Toli Nameless & The Femm Nameless
"See Line"
from the CD "Extended Play"

8)Ken Boothe
"Walk Away From Love"
from the LP "Blood Brothers"

9)Sun Ra
"Space Is The Place"
from the CD "Media Dreams"

"World Of Vibrations"
from the CD "The Craft"

11)Allen Toussaint
"Night People"
from the CD "The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings"

12)Meshell Ndegeocello
"If That's Your Boyfriend"
from the CD "Rhino Hi-Five: Meshell Ndegeocello"

13)Eric Bibb
"Walkin' Blues Again"
from the CD "Booker's Guitar"

14)Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens"
"What Have You Done"
from the CD "What Have You Done My Brother"

15)Jamafrica & Shanty Band
from the single

16)Rahsaan Roland Kirk
"Volunteered Slavery"
from the CD "Volunteered Slavery"

"Mutual Attraction
from the CD "Mutual Attraction"

18)Carolina Chocolate Drops
"Hit Em' Up Style"
from the CD "Genuine Negro Jig"

19)Joe Bataan
"Subway Joe"
from the CD "Joe Bataan Anthology"

20)Christofolly & The Afro Beat Cookers
"Please, Please, Please"
from the CD "Afrobeat Rolling"

21)The Mainstreeters
"It's My Life"
from the CD "Funk 45 Sessions"

22)Chris Thomas King
"Hard Time Killing Floor Blues"
from the CD "Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues"

23)Bennis Cletin
"Jungle Magic"
from the CD "Jungle Magic"

24)Lady Margo
"This Is My Prayer"
from the LP "Light: On The South Side"

25)Janelle Monae
"Many Moons"
from the CD "Metropolis: The Chase Suite"

26)Junior Wells
"I Could Have Had Religion"
from the CD "South Side Blues Jam"

27)The Uniques
"My Conversation"
from the LP "Watch That Sound"