Monday, August 31, 2009

Track list for "The Motherland Influence" Aug. 30, 2009


Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello" (Show them song)
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Yunasi (Kenya)
from the CD "Nairobi"

3)XYZee (Kenya)

4)Dawit Mellesse (Ethiopia)
"Ehil Weha"
from the CD "Andiken"

5)Abinet Agonafir (Ethiopia)
"Agees Mehas
"from the CD "Hidden Beauty"

6)Desmond Dekker (Jamaica)
from the CD "From Bam Bam To Cherry Oh Baby"
VP Records

7)Papi Sanchez (Dominican Rep.)
"Fiesta Latina"
from the CD "Made In the Dominican Republic"
J & N Records

8)Banda Maravilha (Angola)
"Da Praxe"
from the CD "Zungueira"
Ruben Prudocoes

9)Ferro Gaita (Cape Verde)
"Mocas De Mangui"
from the CD "Fundu Baxu"
Cape Disco

10)Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (DRCongo/USA)
"Mabo Yo Yo"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

11)Tshala Muana (DRCongo)
"Nasi Nabali"
from the CD "Sikila"
Mambo Production / Wedoo Music

12)Barbara Kanam (DRCongo)
from the CD "Karibu"
Kanam Music

13)Bebel Gilberto (Brazil)
"Chica Chica Boom Chic"
from the Single
Verve Music Group

14)Blick Bassy
from the CD "Leman"
Four Quaters Records

15)Wganda Kenya (Colombia)
"El Abanico"
from the CD "AfroCaribe Dance"
Disco Fuentes

16)Tinariwen (Mali)
"Imidiwan: Companians"
from the CD "Lulla"
World Village

17)Grand Kalle et' l African Jazz (Congo)
"Succes African Jazz"
from the CD "Merveilles du passe"

18)Kola Ogunkoya
from the CD "Gbedu Afrobeat"
Gbedu Afrobeat Records

19)Cheb Othmani (Algeria)
"Mohamed Chara Sghira"
from the CD "Le World...Rai"
Les Discques Caractere

20)Le Palm Jazz De Macenta (Guinea)
"Gbangba Gnale"
from the LP "Les Palmes De Succes"

21)L'Orchestre Super Rail Band International (Mali)
from the LP "Lassissi Presents Affair Social"
Sacodis Internationa;

22)Dudu Pukwana & Spear (South Africa)
"Sekela Khuluma"
from the LP "In The Townships"

23)Tom Kodiyo & Orchestra Metro Dumbe Dumbe (Kenya)
"Fred Maina"
from the CD "George Ramogi Vol. 1"
Equator Heritage Sounds

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Track list for The Other Black Music Aug. 23, 2009


1)The Lyman Woodard Organization
"Creative Musicians" (Show theme song)
from the LP "Creative Musicians"
Perfect Toy

2)Muddy Waters
"The Blues A Had Baby And They Named It Rock 'N' Roll"
from the CD "Hard Again"

3)Bo Diddley
"Road Runner"
from the CD "Bo Diddley's Greatest Hits"

4)Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
"Rockett 88"

"7 & 7 Is"
from the CD "The Best Of Love"

6)Ofege (Nigeria)
"Nobody Fails"
from the CD "Try And Love"

7)The Equals
"Baby Come Back"

8)Les Krakmen (Congo)
"Krakmen Twist"
from the CD "Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage Vol. 1"

9)The WITCH (Zambia)
"Tooth Factory"
from the CD "Lazy Bones"

10)The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Spanish Castle Magic"
from the LP "Axis: Bold As Love"

11)Black Merda
"Cynthy Ruth"
from the CD "The Folks From Mother's Mixer"

"Super Stupid"
from the LP "Maggot Brain"

13)Mother's Finest
from the CD "Mother's Finest Live"

"Rock-N-Roll Victim"
from the CD "...For All To See"

15)Pure Hell
"I Feel Bad"
from the LP "Noise Addiction"

16)Basement 5
"Last White Christmas"
from the CD LP "1965 - 1980"

17)Living Colour
"Cult Of Personality"
from the CD "Everything Is Possible: The Very Best Of Living Colour"

18)Kings X
"Over My Head"
from the CD "Gretchen Goes To Nebraska"

19)24-7 Spyz
"Love Peace"
from the CD "6"

"Bonin' In The Boneyard"
from the CD "Truth And Soul"

21)Bad Brains
"Banned In DC"
from the CD "Bad Brains"

22)Murfy's Flaw (Kenya)
from the CD "Makosa"

"Scatch your Name"
from the CD "What's The time Mr. Wolf"

24)Janelle Monae
"Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!"
from the CD "Metroplis The Chase Suite"

"You'll Find A Way"
from the CD "Satogold"

from the CD "Burned Again"

"Terra Cota Army"
from the CD "Enimatic"

28)The London Souls
from the CD "The Green Owl Comp"

29)The Dirtbombs
"The Sharpest Claws"
from the CD "If You Don't Already Have A look"

30)D-Fe (France / Cameroon)
from the CD "Afro Punk Compilation Vol. 1"

31)Earl Greyhound
from the CD "Master"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Can't wait until December! The Other Black Music Aug. 9, 2009

This show I will play some of my favorites of the year so far. New and re releases. Here is some info on some of the artist.

The Drastics, Chicago Reggae, Afrobeat and more.

The Dynamics Reggae from Lyon, France. (By the way, you don't have to be Black to get on this show. Just be heavily influenced by Black music and don't suck.)

Amadou and Mariam A new re release of two earlier albums on A&M from the Blind Guitarist and vocalist from Mali West Africa. Before Manu Chao tried to turn them in Manu Chao.

Buckwheat Zydeco The great Zydeco artist has a new album. "Lay Your Burden Down".

Plunky & Oneness of Juju Richmond's long time great comes in with a re release of the 2006 "Live In Paris"

Swamp Dogg Also from Virginia. The great Soul and Blues artist and producer has a new single. "Please Step Back"

Gokh Bi System The Senegalese group is still mixing Hip-Hop and the traditional sounds of Senegal on the new single "Raptassu"

Death A re release from the c 1973 Black Rockers out of Detroit. "...For All The World To See"

Jaqee The Kokoo Girl from Uganda/Sweden has a new CD "Kokoo Girl"

The Campbell Brothers bring the African-American Holiness-Pentecostal church sound of the Peddle Steel Guitar to the rest of the world.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WRIR at the Jonny Z Fest.

Join me and other WRIR DJ's at the Jonny Z fest. Aug. 8, 2009 from 12-5pm.
We'll be spinning tunes between the bands.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

track list for The Motherland Influence Aug. 2, 2009


1)Mose Fan Fan (D.R. Congo)
"Hello Hello"
from the CD "Hello Hello"
Stern's Africa

2)Daniela Mercury (Brazil)
"Sol Da Liberade"
from the CD "Sol Da Liberade"
Paginas do Mar

3)Brother Resistance (Trinidad)
from the CD "When De Riddum Explode"
Caribbean Music Group"

4)Angelique Kidjo (Benin)
from the single
Sony Music

5)Amadou et Mariam (Mali)
"Be'smi Lah"
from the CD "The Majic Couple"
Universal Music France

6)Laural Aitken (Jamaica)
"Sex Machine"
from the CD "The Fantastic Laural Aitkin"
Pressure Drop

7)Fanga (France)
"Natural Juce Ashanti Mix"
from the CD "Natural Juce"
Underdog Records

8)Shadow (Trinidad)
"Bass Man Road March '74"
from the CD "Ah Feel To Party: Best of Straker's"
Straker's Records

9)Bossa Combo (Haiti)
from the LP "Bossa Combo De Haiti"

10)Tabou Combo (Haiti)
"Zap Zap"
from the LP "Zap Zap"

11)Buffalo Kwangolo & L'African Soukouss (DRCongo)
"Zouk Eh Ba"
from the LP "Buffalo Et L'African Soukoss"
Production Kadance

12)Mamoud Ahmed (Ethiopia)
"Lomiwen Teqebeletch"
from the CD "Ethiopiques Vol. 3"

13)Salif Keita (Mali)
"Tolon Wilile (The Party Is On)"
from the "Papa"
Blue Note Records

14)Albert Marolany (France)
from the CD "Nice Selecta"

15)Bantuos de la Capitale (Congo)
"El Coco"
from the CD "Salsa Africa"

16)Barrington Levy (Jamaica)
"Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)
from the CD "Broader Than Broadway"
One Time Records

17)Dele Sosime (Nigeria)
"Wahala Identity Mix"
from the CD "Wahala Identity Mix"
Raw Artistic Records

18)Los Nemus Del Pacifico (Colombia)
"Nadie Sabe Lo Que Tiene"
from the CD "The Best of Los Nemus Del Pacifico"
Miami Records

19)Fruko Y Sus tesos (Colombia)
"El Son Del Tren"
from the 3 CD set "Gold"
Discos Fuentes

21)Pambou Tchicaya Tchico Et Lolo Lolita (Congo)
from the LP "Los Evades De Ponto Le Belle"

22)Amade Cyrille & Les Volcans De La Capitale (Benin)
"Ekpo Do Ye Si"
from the LP "Aye! Mon Coeur"
Ets Pop. Etape Du Voyager

23)Trio Select (Haiti)
"Plein Caille"
from the LP "Plein Caille"
Marc's Records