Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Motherland Influence track list June 28, 2009


1)Mose "Fan Fan" (DRCongo)
"Hello Hello" (this program's theme song)
from the CD "Hello heloo"
Stern's Africa

2)Carlos Lamartine (Angola)
"N'Vunda Ku Muceque"
from the CD "Memorias"

3)Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (DRCongo/USA)
"N'Vunda Ku Muceque"
from the CD "Retrospectiva"
Mopiato Music

4)Waldemar Bastos (Angola)
"Pitanga Madurinha"
from the CD "Re Nascence"
Times Square records

5)Wazimbo (Mozambique)
"Unga Ni Gaduli"
from the CD "Makweru"
Gallo Record Company

6)Ye-Ye (Cape Verde/Angola)
from the CD "Vassoura de ouro"

7)Los Super Reyes (Mexico)
"Quedate Mas"
from the CD El Regresso De Los Reyes"
Warner Music

8)Orquestra Monumetal
"Yo Si Que Estoy A Le Moda"
from the CD "Cuban Funk Experence"

9)Los Silvertones (Panama)
"Tamborito Swing"
from the CD "Panama!2"

10)Teta Lando
from the "Comfusoes 1: From Angola To Brasil"
Out Here

11)Oumou Sangare (Mali)
from the CD "Seya"
World Circuit

12)Amadou et Mariam(Mali)
from the CD "Tje Ni Mousso"
Circular Moves

Part B
13)Les Ambassadeurs De Motel De Bamako (Mali)
"Mbouran Mousso"
from the CD "African Pearls: Mali 70 Electric Mali"
Syllart Productions

14)Charles Atangana & Emitais (Cote D'Ivoire)
from the LP "Assalam Aleikoum Africa Volume One"

15)Migan Celestin (Benin)
"Wo Ko Made Angeline"
from the LP "Mig-Tino"
Ets. Papa Disco

16)Oriental Brothers International (Nigeria)
"Ihe Oma Adighi Onye Oso"
from the LP "Oriental Brothers International"

17)Fred Fisher Atalobhor (Nigeria)
"Say The Truth"
from the CD "African Carnival"
Vampi Soul

18)Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies (Nigeria)
"You've Got To Help Yourself"
from the CD "Nigeria: Disco Funk Special"

19)Mono Mono (Nigeria)
from the CD "Nigeria Rock Special"

20)Kanda Bongo Man (D.R. Congo)
from the CD "Djessy"

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